Burgenland Regional Development Programme 2011

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The Burgenland Regional Development Programme 2011 consists of three parts:theMission: “New Achievements through Environment”, the Strategic Spatial Structure and the Spatial plan.
Multilingual introduction
Overview of Burgenland
The way to the Burgenland Regional Development Programme LEP-2011
Mission, strategy, spatial plan
Legislative regulation
The LEP-2011
1.      The basic principles of regional development for Burgenland
1.1  Overall principles
1.2  Diversity serving for regional identity
1.3  Cooperation development as a value
1.4  Recognition of the potential for social diversity
1.5  Achieving sustainable land use through high-quality care and mobility
1.6  Speeding up renewable energy production and creating more efficient settlement structure
1.7  Utilisation and improvement of knowledge and research as the capital of economy
1.8  Cooperation between nature and cultural landscape, the agriculture and forestry and tourism
1.9  Sustainable use of the natural space
2.      Objectives of regulation and development of the spatial structure
2.1  Employment, education and training, social services
2.1.1        Employment
2.1.2        Education, training and research
2.1.3        Health and prevention
2.1.4        Elderly care and supervision
2.1.5        Social services
2.2  Energy and raw materials
2.3  Economy, infrastructure and mobility
2.3.2 Spatial planning and transport policy, accessibility
2.4  Nature and environment
2.4.1        Natural and cultural landscape
2.4.2        Agriculture and forestry
2.5  Tourism and culture
2.6  Settlement structure
3.      Definition of zones and locations
3.1  Locations
3.1.1        Definition of locations
3.1.2        Centres
3.1.3        Plants, commercial and industrial areas
3.1.4        Tourism sites
3.2  Zones
3.2.1        Tourism and sport zones
3.2.2        Protection areas
3.2.3        Special area: Neusiedler Lake
3.2.4        UNESCO World Heritage Site Cultural Landscape Fertő Lake / Neusiedler Lake
3.2.5        Wind power zones
4.      Basic principles of local spatial planning
4.1  Regulation plan
4.1.1        Local development concept
4.1.2        Special rules for certain categories


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