Austrian Spatial Development Concept 2011

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I.                    Introduction
The necessity of the Austrian Spatial Development Concept – Mission Statement
What does the Austrian Spatial Development Concept 2011 need to consider?
Factors of influence and political framework
What are the objectives? Basic tenets and objectives of the Austrian Spatial Development Concept 2011
II.                  Action Programme
Strands – Actions – Tasks
1.      Regional and national competitiveness
1.1   Accessibility creates competitive sites: Integrated further development of linear infrastructure
1.2   Growth driver: Research, technology and innovation
1.3   Regional innovation policy, employment growth and qualification
2.      Social diversity and Solidarity
2.1   Immigration country on the way to becoming an immigrant society
2.2   Securing basic services locally and regionally
2.3   Quality-based approach on coping with growth
3.      Climate Change, Adaptation and Resource Efficiency
3.1   Aim for energy self-sufficiency – Spatial impact of the energy system
3.2   Priority spaces for protection against natural disasters
3.3   Sustainable development of settlements and free space
3.4   Sustainable mobility
4.      Cooperative and efficient handling structures
4.1   Strengthen regional planning
4.2   Development of an agglomeration policy for all of Austria
4.3   New partnerships between rural and urban regions
4.4   Strengthen the national and European perspectives
III.                Outlook and Implementation
The Austrian Spatial Development Concept 2011: A document, but much more a process
Concretisation of the implementation